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Divorce can be the most traumatic time – and the process can include the most substantial financial transaction – that most people will ever experience. The emotional effect of the change in marital and family status makes decision-making and charting a course to a post-divorce future challenging; we help our clients meet and overcome those challenges.

Property Division

There are some important differences in how Nevada and California divide marital assets and liabilities in a divorce. Properly valuing and dividing marital assets and liabilities can have a lifelong impact on our clients, so we work tirelessly to ensure that our clients will get the best possible result during property division.

marital property division
Child Support Spousal Support

Child & Spousal Support

Maintaining the rights and well-being of children usually requires proportional financial assistance from both parents; we vigorously pursue our clients’ goals to make sure their children’s future won’t be compromised by divorce. Less formulaic than child support, spousal support is crucial to allowing many of our clients to move on with life after divorce – confident that their financial future is secure. Our experience in this area serves our clients well.

Child Custody

To most parents, no issue is more emotional or important than custody of their own children. The uncertainty of child custody litigation is a great source of anxiety and stress, so we offer sound legal advice combined with compassion and understanding when dealing with this most sacred issue.

California Nevada Child Custody
The Law Office of Leslie J. Shaw is dedicated to providing the highest degree of service, professionalism and integrity. We offer creative solutions for complex divorce. As your trusted attorney, we offer full-service family law counsel.
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