Divorce Podcasts

The Law Office of Leslie J. Shaw is proud to offer these four Divorce Podcasts as a free resource to individuals seeking quality information about family law and divorce issues in California and Nevada. These informative Divorce Podcasts provide helpful FAQs about the how the divorce process, division of marital property, child custody, and spousal support work in both California and Nevada, highlighting differences and similarities between the two states.

Divorce Magazine interviewed knowledgeable family law attorney Leslie J. Shaw for these informative Divorce Podcasts. Licensed to practice family law in both California and Nevada, Leslie shares his extensive experience and insights gained through handling all kinds of family law disputes for 40+ years.

The Law Office of Leslie J. Shaw is dedicated to providing the highest degree of service, professionalism and integrity. We offer creative solutions for complex divorce. As your trusted attorney, we offer full-service family law counsel.
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